Faith-Filled Plans – How You Can Attract Positive Change (Part 1)

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Leadership Lesson: God-honoring planning is an invitation to positive change.

When my daughters were younger, they would bring me the American Girl doll catalog and tell me, not only which ones they wanted, but how they were going to get them.

Mom and Dad would get them THIS one for Christmas.

Grandma and Grandpa would get them THAT one for their birthday.

These kids were smart enough, not only to make a plan, but to delegate to the appropriate family members the jobs necessary to carry it out.

They ended up with a lot of American Girl dolls.

These little foxes instinctively understood the wisdom of having a PLAN to get what they WANT. They knew then what many adults and aspiring leaders often forget:

“We should make plans—counting on God to direct us.” (Proverbs 16:9, The Living Bible)

Plan-less-ness (about life and life events) fosters disorder and confusion, and without a strategy to get somewhere, we can easily become bewildered and depressed.

  • Priorities are left undone.
  • Progress is not made.
  • Things that need changing . . . don’t.

We may not make plans because we don’t think we’re good at doing so. Or perhaps we tell ourselves that don’t make plans because we want to be Spirit-led, and we picked up somewhere that having a plan somehow challenges God’s plan (um . . . we’re not even CLOSE to powerful enough to derail GOD’S plans).

Sadly, here is what often happens when we refuse to make plans:

We stay in difficult circumstances longer than we need to, becoming despondent, feeling sorry for ourselves that nothing is changing.

What did the text say?

We SHOULD make plans.

To See Positive Change, God Expects Us To Make Plans.


Many of the advantages and joys that God wants to bring into our lives depend on good planning and intentional execution.

“But my hope is in the Lord!” you say.

Awesome. You’re positioned better off than most.

Hope is always essential. But hope ALONE is not a strategy for victory. Good planning is.

If you needed more fuel in your car from a gas station, you wouldn’t wait in your driveway ONLY hoping in the Lord – you’d find a way to go GET the gas you needed.

In the same way, I’ve noticed that some up-and-coming leaders who are sincerely hoping in the Lord can get resentful that certain things haven’t happened in their lives – yet they are sitting there in a parked car, with no plan of how they’re going to get where they would like to go.

Esther had a PLAN about how she would confront the king about the wicked Haman (see Esther 5:7)

When Nehemiah approached king Artaxerxes about going to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall, he had a very detailed plan already worked out in his head, including timelines, necessary permissions, and specific supplies needed. Because he had already done his PLANNING when this seemingly spontaneous opportunity to discuss the project with the king came, “the king granted these requests, because the gracious hand of God was on me.” (See Nehemiah 2:6-8).

Are you making plans like God is going to use them to open doors, grant you favor, and progress you toward your dreams?

I can’t do what only God can do, but I CAN do what I’M supposed to do, to see positive change in my life.

Leadership Lesson: God-honoring planning is an invitation to positive change.

Have you ever, while trusting God’s guidance in general, failed to trust that He would direct you through the making of PLANS? Where do you need to begin making some God-honoring plans?

Pray It: Heavenly Father, I confess that my thinking is sometimes muddy and I fail to make plans as though you will be faithful to direct my steps. Teach me how to plan with humility and faith, growing in confidence that though I cannot do what only You can do, I cannot shirk my responsibility either. I believe that you are the God of all wisdom and affection, and you will use my planning to position me for progress over time. Thank You, Lord.

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Posted on February 12, 2018


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