Discouraged in Ministry? Three Reminders to Keep You Balanced (Part 1)

Whatever your role in ministry — whether a senior pastor, a ministry leader, or a volunteer — it can be easy to get discouraged when you are not seeing much external fruitfulness. In this episode, Pastor Carter interviews special guest Mike Bryant, pastor and church planter, about not becoming discouraged and not taking too much responsibility for ministry.

Three Essentials for Leaders Who HAVE Leaders (Part 1)

The job of second and third-chair leaders can be challenging and involves helping the people under them, while also representing the leader above them. In this episode, Pastor Mark Carter and special guest Melissa Labellarte discuss the role of second and third-chair leaders and explain how they can lead well, while also representing their first-chair leader, the organization, and Jesus accurately and effectively.

How to Foster an Optimistic Team

Listen Time ~7 Minutes If you want the best creative input from people, you can’t exasperate them.I feel like I hear about difficult church/work cultures where people feel shut down any time they have an idea. I think this ultimately comes down to leaders not looking...